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A Creative Reset - Finding Freedom

This summer, I came upon my 5 year anniversary of making bold, vibrant paintings on canvas. I found myself tired and in need of a creative reset.

Earlier this year, I made a decision to diversify my income. My other area of expertise is in Business and Project Management, and I decided to find some part time work I could do from home while continuing to paint on the side.

What resulted from that decision was a tremendous amount of freedom. I freed my paintings from needing to make money, and as a result, I took the pressure off my art. I had the luxury of taking a long break from painting for the first time in those five years, and I took five weeks time to do nothing creative at all.

I took long walks, I went swimming, and I enjoyed the beautiful flowers blooming all around me. I reconnected with my inner values, which include being fully present in the moment and practicing gratitude each and every day.

The first series of paintings I created after this creative reset are my small works for 25 Days of Minis. Each painting is a meditation on the beauty of nature and the desire to savor every moment of life.

One new painting will be released every day from December 1 to 25. My work joins the work of over 70 other carefully curated artists in this annual tradition. Together we bring you a collection of artwork that is personal and perfect for gifting.

I welcome you to join us on this artistic journey, and start your day on the right foot during a busy time of the year as the Daily Delivery Email arrives in your inbox. If you'd like to partake, join us at 25 Days of Minis.

Colorful acrylic paintings on canvas shown in profile.
A peek at the 25 new paintings I have created for 25 Days of Minis. So excited to share them with you!

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