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Portals to Another World

My painting process has always involved a lot of layering. Now more than ever, I am enjoying the possibilities brought by my layering technique. As I bring an opaque layer on top of a glorious drippy mess, I am leaving circular windows to peek at the earlier layers.

Using my paintbrush to create portals into another world.

I'm fascinated by the idea of portals that let us have a glimpse from this world into the next. Some people call them "thin places" where a spiritual realm is in reach.

As I create these paintings, I am continuing to ground them with my signature botanical elements to give them some permanence in this world, while alluding to another world beyond.

This is such a fun process as a painter! I love finding the areas that are most intriguing in the early layers of the painting and preserving them for viewers to see later. My paintbrush becomes a magic wand and the possibilities are endless.

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