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The Hope of Spring

We have been self-quarantined for 31 days now due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Where I live we are still able to safely get outdoors for walks, but we do not go anywhere else unless it is to shop for food or go to the pharmacy.

The funny thing is, despite our world grinding to a halt, spring still came. Right on schedule, without missing a beat. The crocuses came first, followed by the daffodils and then the tulips. The forsythia bloomed, and then the weeping cherry trees put on their colorful show.

I've taken great comfort in watching spring unfold this year. Birds have been busy in our backyard, preparing to feed new young. The moon has still waxed and waned through her cycles.

I don't want to paint too rosy a picture, because being isolated is hard. We are learning how to connect in new "virtual" ways with our family and friends, but some days still feel lonely.

Still, this new birth of spring has made me feel more connected than ever to Mother Earth and all of the life she shelters. My artwork has seen a resurgence of new florals as the joy and life of this season bursts forth, and my heart is full of gratitude for the Hope of Spring.

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