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Why buy original art?

These days, every Home Goods and Target store is loaded with cheap reproductions of art on canvas. Why spend the extra money on original artwork when you can finish the room at a fraction of the cost?

Collecting original art can be very rewarding. Here are three reasons art lovers collect art.

1. To support the arts

Collectors know the arts are valuable to society, and they take it upon themselves to strengthen the industry.

2. To join a community

The art community has a strong camaraderie. Art collectors know socializing with fellow collectors means talking about artists and artistic styles.

3. To experience the thrill of the search

Dedicated collectors understand the unparalleled feeling of finding a new work of art for their collection. Nothing compares to finally landing on that special piece after a careful search.

A special piece of original art can be a meaningful part of a home. I know from experience I enjoy the pieces I have found in my travels to different countries, cities and galleries. I've built relationships with gallery owners, and the original pieces in my home are fun conversation starters.

Like so many things in life, it is about the joy found in the journey. Happy collecting!

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