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The Sensuality of Flowers

When I was a child, my mother kept luxurious flower beds (she still does a fair bit of flower gardening today). During the hot days of...

The Meaning of Poppies

I'm often asked why I paint poppies, and the short answer is simply that I love them! There are of course deeper reasons I return to this...

A Career Update

Artists are always faced with a question: How much pressure should I put on my art to support me? It’s amazing to pursue your creative...

The Healing Power of Water

Recently I learned there is a whole science behind the impact water has on humans. Blue Mind theory is about the numerous cognitive and...

Justice Grows in the Garden

As a child, I loved reading books with rich illustrations. Finding hidden imagery in art has always fascinated me. So I welcome you to look

The Woman You're Becoming

"The woman you're becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces and material things. Choose her over everything." - unknown This...

Whimsical Landscapes

When I'm not painting flowers, I work on fun landscape paintings. I really enjoy this process, which usually begins with very little...

What Makes Us Feel Alive

April is finally here! All around us, the earth is waking up from the sleep of winter. Lately I've been thinking about what makes us feel...

Connecting to Nature

I feel so connected to nature when I paint. There's a freedom in the way a body of water moves, the way a hillside emerges. A swoosh of...

Time to Play!

If you look at kids in kindergarten, they may have several table activities to choose from. They start painting a picture, and when they...


I've been making new sunflower paintings, inspired by a collector who commissioned a sunflower piece for his wife's birthday. Here's a...

Capturing Inspiration

One night a few weeks ago I had some kind of stomach bug. It kept me up until nearly midnight, and I was so exhausted. When I finally...

New Year, New Perspective

While we may be ready to put 2020 behind us, I want to offer another perspective. We learned so many important things the past year, and...

How to Choose a Painting

One question I'm asked all the time is whether a painting will look good in a certain space. Today, I want to share some answers that will h

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