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Introducing... O C E A N U S

OCEANUS is a new collection of paintings inspired by my love of the sea. I've been dreaming of pieces like this for a while now, and this summer I gave my inner artist the gift of time and space to start exploring a new series.

Time, sacred studio time, is so precious to me. And space, in the form of canvas, is always a high value commodity. But I am in love with the new paintings that are starting to emerge, and they are worth every minute. Explore Oceanus.

These pieces are a combination of a few influences.

  • The sensation of gliding through the water, whether swimming or paddling. (If you follow me on Insta or Facebook, you know I love both.)

  • The beauty of underwater flora and fauna. I am obsessed with the way they wave in the water. They are truly the jewels of the sea.

  • Concern about our coral reefs, which are priceless treasures and vital to the health of the planet.

  • The pure joy of spending time in the Caribbean. Colors gleaned from my travels there are popping up all over these works.

These magical underwater paintings have a weightless feeling, and whimsical details invite the viewer to look closer and make new discoveries.

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