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Looking Forward and Looking Back

The arrival of spring always makes me feel lighter, as the days get longer and the flowers and trees burst into bloom. The seasonal transition always offers us an opportunity to look forward and look back.

Recently I was part of creating a community Covid memorial of "Remembrance and Hope," a way to mark the losses of the past year, including the approximately 550,000 deaths in the United States. It was a meaningful experience.

This interactive exhibit included a luminary walk that culminated on the porch of a one-room school house, where participants took part in a hands on activity to express a hope, a loss, or a prayer.

Another way to look back is by visiting this virtual exhibit hosted by Art Show International, titled "How I Remember 2020". It offers perspectives on the pandemic by artists from around the globe.

Personally, I'm looking forward to being fully vaccinated soon. How wonderful it will be to connect with more people on a regular basis!

In my studio, I'm preparing for some upcoming exhibits and a chance to engage with people around the arts. Visit the Events page on my website to stay up to date.

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