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Feeling It All

My acrylic paintings on canvas are about feeling it all! I paint botanical subjects with splashing paint, bold lines, vibrant colors, and lots of movement. When I look at flowers or a landscape, I see a miraculous display of color and movement unfolding before my eyes. To capture that feeling of wonder, I exaggerate color, contrast and shape. I turn up the dials until I have that “Wow!” sensation that I find in observing nature. I want my paintings to inspire a sense of awe.

Poppies are featured in many of my paintings, symbolizing resilience and rebirth. I practice intuitive painting, and my work explores layers of texture, rhythm and movement as I interpret it in the natural world. It is my hope that my work will inspire viewers to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unexpected places, and to take care of the earth.

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