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Connecting to Nature

I feel so connected to nature when I paint. There's a freedom in the way a body of water moves, the way a hillside emerges. A swoosh of paint on the canvas evokes the feeling of waves lapping at the shore. My landscapes tend to be loose and abstract, because I want to capture the wild feeling of a place.

People often tell me they feel a sense of peace when they look at my paintings, especially my Landscapes. This really resonates with me! I spend time in nature to find peace, to stay grounded and connect with something greater than myself.

When I return to my art studio, I want to channel that sense of connection into my artwork. I play music that makes me feel alive, hopeful, and in tune with the mystery of creation. World music and anything with a tribal influence is favorite to play in the studio. If I get stuck, I often dance around to the music to get out of my head, back in my body and tune in to my heart.

There is something magical about the process of creation, and I love sharing that with you through my art!

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