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I've been making new sunflower paintings, inspired by a collector who commissioned a sunflower piece for his wife's birthday. Here's a peek at the latest one in progress.

It always amazes me how my color palette naturally changes with the seasons. In the late winter/spring I was drawn to pastel colors and lots of white. My paintings from the spring symbolize new growth and the spacious feeling that comes from spending more time outdoors.

In midsummer I am more drawn to vivid, warm hues, like in this painting. Jewel tones like rich blue, turquoise, yellow and red appear more in my summertime floral work. And my landscapes get richer too as the growing season reaches its zenith.

In my home I often change a few things around with the seasons too. Different art on the walls and different accent colors feel right, depending on the time of year.

Poppy lovers, don't worry, I have a few new poppy paintings in the works too! Always love painting poppies, they are so vivid and really spark joy.

Do you feel inspired to change things up with the seasons?

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