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The other day I had the privilege of hearing Elizabeth Gilbert speak at the Lehigh Valley Women's Summit. She is one of my favorite authors, and her book Big Magic is one of the reasons I started painting again in my late thirties.

Gilbert talked about boundaries, and as a creative person, I soaked it all in. She asked us what we are willing to give up to make sure our time goes to the things we love.

I've been working on finding a healthy balance in my life as I raise two kids, work part time for our other small business, and grow my art career at the same time. It isn't easy as a woman to define boundaries.

She defined a boundary as a circle you draw around what you decide is sacred and holy. Only the things that are worth loving and worth living get to be inside that circle. And you are at the center of that circle.

So I've done some soul searching, and I'm rearranging my days to make sure my time goes to that which is most sacred to me. It's a challenge to say the least, but I'm looking forward to the peace that will follow when things fall into place.

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