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One of my favorite things to do is create a piece of art for a specific space. I love to look at the colors in a room, the style of furniture, and envision a spectacular piece of art that will make it come alive.

When I was taking fine art classes in college, I actually thought this was a flaw. Instead of being fully engrossed in the painting itself, I was always thinking about where I would hang it and whether it would work in that space.

But now that I’ve done commission work for collectors, I think it’s actually one of my greatest strengths as an artist. A gorgeous piece of artwork can center a room and bring an energetic compliment to the other design details.

In my commission process, we define the size and color palette together. Then I provide regular updates on progress and give the collector the opportunity to provide feedback. Love this kind of collaboration! Contact me if you're interested in commissioning a special painting for your space.

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