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Committing to a Studio Practice

It is so much fun to see the likes and comments piling up on social media! It's an instant pleasure shot to the brain, but I often catch myself spending way more time than I meant to scrolling on my Instagram feed.

Lately I've been more intentional about committing time to be in my studio. A painter I follow, Amira Rahim, really drives home the importance of putting time into creative development.

"Nail down your process and learn to paint an infinite variety of original and high-quality paintings. This requires focus and dedication. Many will place all of their energy on vanity metrics (like and comments on social media) instead of harnessing the power of a dedicated studio practice. " - Amira Rahim

Every day I have a goal of being in my studio by 8:30am and dedicating at least an hour to painting straight away. My process involves a lot of wet paint (and water spray bottles!) so after about an hour I need to step away and let those layers dry. I will return to my studio several times that day to keep working.

One thing I know for sure is that even if I am discouraged, if I keep showing up and moving the paint around the canvas, it all adds up and paintings will get finished.

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