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I'm in it for the process

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I have to be honest, for every five exhibitions I apply to, I’m only accepted to one or two. But I’m learning not to measure my success based on what people think of my work.

As a creative, my success is defined by the fact that I show up and make work, not by what others think.

As Elizabeth Gilbert writes her book in Big Magic, "I work with stubborn gladness when people praise me, and I work with stubborn gladness when people make fun of me."

I make art because I am in it for the work, for the process, to connect with the mystical muse of inspiration and allow it to flow through me. That is my Why.

It's always nice when people connect with my work. It gives me a thrill when someone loves what I've created as much as I do. But the reason I make art is because I simply love making it. And even when I'm not receiving praise, I keep practicing my painting.

The joy is in the process of creation.

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