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Learning and Discovering New Things

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

After spending the past nine months focused on botanical art, especially my beloved poppies, I've felt things shift this fall. So I am embarking on a new path where I'm creating more abstract pieces.

This new direction is a bit scary, but I'm approaching it with the perspective of a beginner, which is a wonderful way to live.

What I am loving about working abstract is that I must stay in the present moment the whole time. If I plan too far ahead, I end up ruining the painting, because each color and mark causes a new dance to happen with everything else on the canvas.

It's an exercise in mindfulness, in being completely present with my work. I find myself approaching my studio time the way I would a yoga class or meditation session.

I start by setting an intention, and I check in with myself along the way to see if I am staying true to that intent.

If I stray off the path, it's easy to steer back on track... unless something beautiful and new has emerged in the process, and that's okay too.

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