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Letting Go of Perfection

When I look at a piece of art, I love seeing the brushstrokes and slightly imperfect lines. It reminds me that a human being made the work.

As an artist I have to work really hard to keep my work loose. The temptation is to be precise, be tight, be perfect... but then the result always ends up being really uninteresting.

There's a long tradition of artists loosening up and changing the game, from the impressionists to expressionists like Jackson Pollack. And as I'm learning along the way, it is not that easy to create a painting that has a balanced composition but feels messy and free.

It takes a lot of focus, time and a commitment to step back from the canvas regularly. Too frequently I lose the looseness by overworking the canvas, and it's hard to come back once a canvas is too precise.

My new abstract collection is a big step on the journey of letting go. I'm really excited about how the pieces are turning out, and I can't wait to see where the journey leads.

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