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The Woman You're Becoming

"The woman you're becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces and material things. Choose her over everything." - unknown

A few years ago, I set this quote as my desktop background. I still don't know who said it, but it ended up changing my life. As women, as mothers, we are constantly giving. Sometimes, to our own detriment.

There are not a lot of voices in society that remind women to stand up for themselves. There aren't a lot of reminders to take care of ourselves... especially if someone or something else may be neglected.

If I hadn't absorbed this quote into my psyche a few years ago, I might never have started painting again. It seems there is always some virtuous duty that demands our attention, time and energy. Sometimes, we have to say no to the good in our lives, in order to say yes to the great. That takes courage and a lot of practice.

So if you're like me, and you've been hardwired to neglect yourself for the benefit of others, consider this quote your permission slip to care about YOU again. Consider it a pass to chase your dreams again. You are worth it!

Yes, we all have basic life duties, some of which may include the care and feeding of others... but sometimes we may need to lower our standards a bit in order to make sure we have enough energy to take care of ourselves and tend to our own aspirations. So, here's to women, and here's to mothers. May we choose the "woman we are becoming" over everything.

Visiting the Bethlehem Fine Art Festival during Mothers Day weekend, without my preteen children. A gift to myself, and to the woman I'm becoming.

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