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We Need Art Now

Art can take on so many forms. There's the traditional framed painting on the wall, or the handmade pottery vase holding a bunch of flowers. But there's also the pattern on the kitchen towel, the colors of the bedspread, the design of our clothing, the list goes on and on.

The arts help us connect with something greater than ourselves. They have a positive impact on people's mood and perspective. Art can help us see things differently, and the creative process helps us to better deal with uncertainty.

The impulse to make things is a defining characteristic of what it means to be human - it's a matter of survival. Fasten a handle to a sharp piece of rock, and you have an axe with which to cut firewood so you don't freeze to death.

The desire to create beauty is also a survival mechanism of a different kind. Creating beauty is a way of creating commonality between all humans. When we have common ground, we are less likely to kill each other, to put it bluntly.

Art invites us into a space. It engages our curiosity and imagination. It can inspire us in the workplace, and it can bring healing to us when we are sick.

Science and technology are critical to life, but they are not more important than art. Art makes life worthwhile. While it may not be vital to our basic physical needs, it makes life more enjoyable.

Art makes our communities more beautiful. It helps us understand each other and our histories, culture and traditions. Art is essential to our humanity and helps us build more complete lives.

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