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Yoga and Art

Twenty years ago I was a struggling art student, putting myself through college, and I finally changed my major to business so I could get a better job and make ends meet.

After graduating college, I spent twelve years working full time in a Fortune 500 company, and I kind of felt like I lost myself there.

Then my hubby and I started a family (two amazing adopted kiddos) and I was fortunate to be able to resign from corporate life. I worked part time for our small business and focused on family life.

It was such a major life transition, and I began practicing yoga at a local studio. There I learned about mindfulness, meditation, and how to reconnect with my body. Being in a fast-paced corporate job does not naturally lend itself to connected living.

I credit my yoga practice for helping me learn to follow my intuition and my heart. It is because I learned to trust myself through yoga that I finally began painting again in 2018.

So after many sacrifices made, a lot of hard work, and a little bit of luck, I’m doing what I love. Today I’m sending gratitude out to all of YOU for supporting me on this journey, for collecting my artwork, and for encouraging me on my path. Thank you!!!

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