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Inspiration is everywhere this fall...

Are you enjoying the beautiful fall weather? This year the colors seem more vivid than ever here in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I am finding so much inspiration in the plants and trees in my back yard right now. It almost makes me giddy with excitement!

Here's a look at some of my newest work and one of the images that that inspired it. I've been taking long walks with my dog, and plants like these ones I saw on a back road are showing up in my abstract art.

I am having so much fun adding botanical imagery to my abstract paintings. These new autumnal pieces are available here.

As an artist who is a perfectionist (shhhh! don't tell), one of my biggest challenges is to stay loose while I'm working. It is a learning process.

As time goes by, I find I love my work more each time I allow more freedom in my brush strokes. I'm really grateful for the gift of being able to learn and grow in this way.

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